I’m officially posting longer thoughts in text here on tumblr rather than on my previous Posterous site starting now.  Ultimately it doesn’t really make much difference to me, as all of my rambling gets pulled down out of this service (and any other I use), and saved to my personal data store.  You can see a great deal of that data on a stream over at my personal site: mattquirion.com.  That’s sort of the point of my data-store.  I can use whatever “in” service is currently, um, “in,” get all the “social” benefits of being where the crowd is, and get to keep whatever data is important to me, even after that “in” service becomes “out.”

To integrate my data storing service with tumblr, I used a the tumblr API to request the data.  It’s returned in JSON format, and ruby (the language I used to build my personal site) makes it a relative breeze to parse out what’s relevant to me.  Took about 45 minutes to work out and lay into my app.

I will need to figure out exactly how to display the non-text posts from Tumblr on my personal site, but I’m not even sure I care to do it.  It’d just mean data running through my server.  For now, anything I’d really want seen by others can be displayed perfectly fine (and probably prettier) on tumblr, so I’m happy to let it be.

Got lots of ideas for posts coming up.  It’s a fun time with big ideas in the tech world.

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